Rethink Luxury

a nice foot with a beautiful sock on it

The New Standard in Dress Socks

LUXE delivers distinguished style with interest and wit, while exceeding expectations of comfort and stay up power. Craftsman expertise goes into every detail, ensuring refined style. Personality shines through playful, yet sophisticated motifs.

Proven Stay Up

Luxury socks that stay up all day long. Through two years of research and development, we solved the #1 customer issue with luxury socks: slouching. We perfected materials and construction so socks don’t slip down.

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Elevated Personal Expression

Your socks should be an extension of you—brilliant, bold, & distinguished. Subtly tie your ensemble together by accessorizing with lively graphics and vibrant colors.

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Artisan Craftsmanship

We partnered with Italian sock makers who bring multi-generational experience to every detail. Hand-linked toe seam is made point by point for precise closure so you feel nothing but the smooth, mercerized egyptian cotton.

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Unrivaled Comfort

Our dress socks beat all others in comfort because of our reinforced toe & heel, smooth toe seam, and perfected stay-up power. These features ensure the only thing you notice is the smooth feel of our threads, treated twice for superior feel and look.

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We Understand The Market Needs

The Sock Consumer1 today expects their socks to be comfortable and functional, but also seeks options that allow them to showcase their personal sense of style.

1. Insight Farm. Premium Dress Socks Study.

Dress sock consumers want functionality; and a sock that stays up on the leg is key.

Self expression, conveying personal sense of style, and having a design that makes them feel good was nearly as important as functionality.

Discerning in quality materials, dress consumers desire specialty cotton blends.

“Socks are the new necktie” resonates with these consumers; eye-catching color ranks high in consideration for most.

1. Insight Farm. Premium Dress Socks Study.

Early Praise for Luxe

“I love the brand and the new LUXE dress socks are perfect for the higher end market while still having the tongue in cheek look that customers expect. I’m excited to see a brand like Sock It to Me bring new personality to the men’s dress socks category.”


“I love how the Sock It to Me men’s dress socks are playful and full of personality AND high-quality. It’s the best of both worlds.”


“…the quality of these socks look great. Also, it’s a nice mix of more conservative hues with some cartoony and brighter ones.”


“The weight and the thickness of the socks are great… I like how these are more pared back than Sock It to Me’s sportier counterparts too.”